I'm a girl and I hate weddings

I have been tagged!!
 I have to write 'bout how some common misconceptions have hounded the female sector of the society for long. I have to write 'bout atleast ten things that I have ever wanted to do or done that I'm not "supposed" to, as per the invisible book of gender biased rules which our society so graciously follows.

So here goes: This is my eye rolling list. Start rolling

 1) I hate weddings. Atleast the weddings that happen in the part of the country that I live in. South India. I hate that people have to wake up at unholy hours like 4 am in the morning to attend the holy business of matrimony. Even the food is so-so in SI weddings. I don't like weddings. They are boring.

2) I don't believe in idol worship. I'm a hindu. So I guess the 2 sentences sum up the shock value. My family is weirdly conservative. They are confused about the "rules" they have to "impose". Anyway, initially my parents used to get crazy when I didn't participate in any family poojas. Then they gave up. I like it.

3)I like to wear boxer shorts at home. My mom tells me to change when some unwanted relatives drop in. I won't. I love the look on their faces. "Oh my god!"..lol

4)I wore a frock to my cousin's wedding. When all the others wore sarees and stuff, I chose to wear a knee-length dress. It was a conservative South Indian wedding, but It didn't seem out of place. Everyone liked it.

5)I stood first in college 3 times in Electrical Engineering, considered a male dominated domain. I beat all my male counterparts! Yes!!

6)I learnt how to ride a bike before my brother did. I mean a geared one, not the gearless. I don't ride it though. Too heavy, but still :)

7) I have been to more than 4 all-girl tours in and around South India without supervision :)

8)Hmmm...Now I'm running out of things. its a unisex-ual world, there's nothing that guys do and girls cant.Okay,  I can't cook for nuts. I can make boost for myself, if thats any consolation.

9)I know more about cellphones and cars than one of my male friends. I'm not boasting, but I know more than atleast one guy :)

10) Finally, I'm 22 yrs old and I have never put on anything more than a moisturiser on my face till now. I hate make up.

Okay, those are my ten things. Thank you Sowmya for tagging me. Now if I don't tag some people, I'll be cursed to wear blue cloth pants and I'm glad I'm not a guy 'cos if I were and I didn't tag people I would be cursed to wear pink shirts. :)

Here's my tag list Anto, Nalini, Sheela, Bunty and wannabauthor


  1. LOVED ur list...

    you rock it as you! you go on and do now! :)

  2. Cool! you seem to be an Exhibition piece! someone to be admired by everyone, the list seems so lively and you rock girl. Keep rocking :)

  3. well nice! appreciate the sentiment, but with all de respects, you make the exception. YOu don't break the rule. Name 3 more friends of yours who are like you, who have done atleast 3 things on that list. I can name 300 girls who haven't, so as to spea

  4. @Hayaah- Thanks :)

    @Anto- I'm no exhibition piece and all, I just don't like to do something that I don't believe in. :)

    @Somesh- I'm just talking 'bout myself, I didn't write it to prove that I'm different or anything. :)

  5. Oops! did I say anything wrong? I coined that word "exhibition piece" in a positive sense, just to praise you and the facts that you have written in your post...No offense to anyone :)

  6. Oh dear..sry for not fulfilling my tag as yet. Ok couple of questions. I write abt d same topic as above? N I need to tag 5 more girls?

    Then coming to ur post, kudos n applause. U r 1 smart, daring n non- bitchy sorts. Ur points r credible n fun n good humoured. Gulp! M totally d girly sorts , so this wil b a bit of a climb for me to blog abt.. Hehehe;)

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    welcome to Rally week 26 this Thursday...


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