Do you have the freedom to go "pub-hopping"?

What does freedom mean to us? To you and me who's either busy sitting in front of a computer typing away to glory or sleeping like there is now tomorrow.

I want to know 'cos so many times I have come across the phrase "give freedom" . I always used to think how anybody can "give" freedom to someone. I mean do people have "packets" of "freedom" to hand over to others?.. Not getting what I'm telling?

Here's a load of crap I've come across:

1) My parents have "given" me the freedom to go to this over night trip.
2) My husband has "given" me the freedom to work even though there is no need for me to.
3) I have "given" my son the freedom to choose whichever "engineering" college he wants to
4) My wife has "given" me the freedom to choose the sofa for our living room.
5) Baba Lal Bhadkao-ji College has "given" its students freedom to wear whatever clothes they want to (*conditions apply)
6) Madamji has given me the freedom to make any decisions about interior decorations of 7, RCR
7) My office has given me the freedom to access Wikipedia (WOW!)
8) My doctor has given me the freedom to eat 1 sweet a week
9) I have given my Daughter-in-law the freedom to wear jeans.

I thought high and low, near and far and I didn't understand its concept. Maybe its because
their own constitution "gives" them the "Right to freedom" (Want more info? Click on this- Looks like someone was sleeping in school)

All I'm saying is Nobody has the right to "give" freedom.

Tilak said," Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it" ( I'm sure he would have fainted if he had known what "freedom means nowadays )

What do you people think?
Am I right or wrong?


  1. Very well written ... Freedom is a highly mis-placed concept today.. Just like love, ppl go on raving abt it w/o actually knowing its real self ...... A "freedom" wit riders is never the real deal.. its a compromise...

    Btw, wheres baba bhadkao college .. should b a nice setting for my next post Lol :)

  2. @Mayank- Thank you and that college is in my imagination :)

  3. With freedom comes responsibility...

    so before giving freedom its critical to teach how to use it wisely and sensibly... else there could be chaos (for example, before someone can have the freedom to drive a car/bike, he/she should know the traffic rules, driving manners etc)

  4. There is a different perspective to understand this. When we say our own constitution "gives" freedom. Can we also say what is this constitutional authority to dictate freedom to us? We are born free and die free so no one "gives" us freedom. But in practice don't we bind by it. Same is when someone says my mother gives freedom or so on. For them they have allowed themselves to be bound by the other either willingly or unwillingly out of love, respect or fear.

    P.s > It will be great if you could activate name/url option for commenting. I have to login to google each time to comment. Like me there might be many lazy fellows around in blogosphere :P

    - Lakshmi Rajan

  5. @Shrinidhi and Lakshmi - Hmmm.. you're right.. maybe I'm being too idealistic..

  6. lol... but i have freedom to "pee" rite ;-)

    this is a "serious" joke

  7. Ana, as some wise man once said, Your Freedom stops where my nose begins. Freedom has to be understood with the underlying responsibility before exercising it.

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  9. @Mario- I don't know, you gotta take it from someone ;)

    @Saras- I'm talking about adults and I'm talking about minor things, I think in India people have this authoritarian mindset. They think they can take decisions on others' behalf also

    @Mohammad- Thanks :)


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