When will you settle down?

Why is everyone off to do M.S or MBA?

When I tel people I don't wanna do either, they look at me like a retard. It got me thinking, "Am I one?" Maybe I am. or maybe not. Maybe everyone else is crazy. These people are just half of the crowd I know. The rest of them are scurrying to find the perfect groom. Both of them are in the pursuit of "settling down".

Can anyone ever settle down in life? I don't think its possible, but ask yourself, how many people have thrown that phrase at you at the drop of a hat?. I'm sure your fingers and toes collectively are not enough to count.

Just when I am about to gobble the gulab jamoon on my plate at some stupid wedding reception one of the afore mentioned crowd ,there appears an uncle out of thin air. With a cheesy wink, he asks, "So next is yours." I smile sheepishly wishing, "Oh! if only cold-blooded murder were legal in this country". He keeps staring, then I say, "Whats the hurry uncle, I'm still a kid". Stupid me, its exactly the type of answers such uncles are waiting for. He retorts, "When will you "settle down" ? Look at your cousin, she is younger than you and happily married"
What does he mean settle down?? Am I some squatter? I live in a house just like him. Do people live in some underground establishment after marriage? 'Cos I know only one "down" and thats where I am right now!

Coming back to the other half. An irritating "friend" pokes you on facebook. This is the conversation that ensues
He/She:"Hey whats up?!"
Me:"Nothing much, you tell"
He/she:"Nothing just chilling here ("Here" refers to Chicago/CA/wherever on the northern hemisphere).. So what r ur plans?"
Me:"For the weekend?"
He/She:"No yaar, in life? I mean, MS or MBA?"
Me: "I don't wanna do both"
He/She: "What?!!! But why??"
Me: "I'm fine this way"
He/She: "Are you happy with that package? Don't you wanna settle down rich and happy?"

Time to log out  

Anyway, the point is people NEVER settle down. If they are married, they'll start thinking 'bout kids, if they've kids, they start thinking 'bout their scools, school over? college, college over? then their marriage!!
For the others who do their MBA/MS, if they are in India, they wanna go to US, if they've an AM's post, they vie for the Manager's, if they become the manager they'll want to get married!
It never stops
I wanna tell all those people
"I will not settle down!
This is life.
Its a vicious circle,
The circle of life, The end is death,
You can't settle down when you are alive,
If you wanna settle down, then just die,
you will be made to "settle down", whether you like it or not!
Face it!"

I'd love to see the look on their faces 


  1. :) time to settle down and pen some more posts lol!!

  2. good thoughts...

    i will settle down my own way, not the way everyone else does..

  3. I am with you here... there is nothing a concept like settling down! Same set of ppl (who propagate for getting married and stuff like that) will also be found advising to run with the pace of time in life...

  4. If by settled is meant marriage, bad advice....or is is that the uncle has his feet in deep muck and wants everybody to sink too! LOL!
    You go and do what your mind and heart tells you to do, girl!

  5. @Magiceye- yep, u settle down n do that :P

    @Abhishek- Thnx:)

    @Karan- Yeah, they'll advise anything!

    @Nalini- My mind and heart tell different things, thats the problem :)

  6. How about..Uncle, that's such an unsettling question!!

    And when you do get married, do you think they will leave you alone?

    When are you giving us the good news, betaa!!

    Believe me, they never stop.

  7. That is true.. the expectations from those around us is always a full circle and it never stops.... new expectations continue to pour in as and when something is done. No wonder some of the monks went all the way to himalayas to seek salvation from this!!!

  8. Being in my last year of grad ... every uncle,aunty and friends ask .so what after this?? :P they raise their eyebrows when I reply "still figuring out" .... at every stage of life we are never content with what we have and we always wonder about what next is in store for us.... I hope I have a lot of goodies in store!!! :D

  9. When you attend a funeral, retort back to those same uncle and aunties- "So, next is yours!!"

  10. @Purba- I know!! It never stops!

    @Mohan- I think thats the only way to escape..lol

    @Rashmi- Same problem here!

    @Vinay-hehe :)

  11. Yes its true..one can never 'settle down'. Settle down to what...to what you already have or what you want to yearn ahead?

  12. This post reminds me of the Sprite ad. the guy who is lolling around and drinking Sprite listens to a load of crap and then retorts that he is already having fun and enjoying himself without having to do a whole lot of hard work! So enjoy and be unsettled to your heart's content!

  13. Reminds me of the Sprite ad where the guy lolling with a bottle of Sprite retorts that he is already enjoying life and having fun without going through all the hard work his friend asks him to do! Go ahead and lead an 'unsettled' life. how true that when we finally 'settle' down, we are dead!

  14. @Rohan- I really don't know the answer to that question :)


  15. An enjoyable read with a true, very true end!! Good thoughts

    A Journey to the Unknown Spaces

  16. I so connect wit what you have written.. Dont know what ppl mean by 'settling down'. If you are happy enough in life, you are already settled !

    I wrote on this sometime back.. Do take a look if you want.. Thanks :)


  17. I could totally relate to this business of 'settling down'... I think when people aren't sure of what they want from life, they want to latch on to something as quickly as possible and that's how the idea of settling down comes across...

    Really bugging sometimes! anyway, nice post :) Cheerio !!

  18. So true. I'm doing an MBA (still inexplicably) and I still see ambition in the air!!! phew!

  19. Brought back repressed memories of this time's trip to Kerala...It was horrifying! If I had a Rupee for everytime someone asked me when I was getting married, I'd be rich enough to buy a groom!

  20. @Bunty- hehe

    @Priya- Y do u have to buy a groom?.. ;)

  21. wait till you get the first quarter life crisis.

  22. Hi Keertana,
    That's a good one.
    'Settle down' has different meanings and is subjective as you've said. Most of us are governed by the society and its imperturbable dogma! Most things are so flowchart oriented. Works for some, doesn't work for some!
    I guess settling down means starting a new phase of life :D

  23. Hahahahaha . . . . the name of the blog reminds me of a character Mr.Watzisname from "the Enchanted Wood",Enid blyton, you seem to have some of that grumpiness !


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