The chronicles of the Soft(ware)Man

One fine day, somewhere near nearby, in a glass cubicle in the periphery of electronic city, a top secret conversation is going on:

Manager : Today lets focus on your productivity. As you can see on the board, your productivity is on the down slide. Any reasons why?

Softman: (Oh god! why does this SOB need to talk about the same shit daily? Doesn't he have a life)

The stuck up AssHole (SUAH): Sir, its due to the bad quality of requirements we are getting

Manager:  If the quality of the requirements is bad, then you need to make them better

Softman: (Oh god! Whats the time now)

SUAH: Sir, but will the work done on the requirements be included in our productivity?

Softman: Do not be driven by productivity, keep the client happy by giving them quality deliverables. That is the key

Softman: (Why am I here? Shall i pretend to faint)
SUAH: But Sir, should I focus on productivity or quality?

Manager: What the hell are you talking about? Do what I say

Softman: (There you go, take that answer and stick it up your nose, hahahah)

SUAH: Sorry Sir

Softman: (Waking up, suddenly) Sir, if he can't do it, I'll take up the initiative of doing this job.

Manager: Very good, my boy. This is what is called being proactive. I don't know what is wrong with some people these days (staring at the SUAH)

Softman: (Sniggering, huh, Amateur!)

So once again. Softman did it. He made someone else look like shit in front of the boss, without much effort. He did it! The corpo-sphere can be peaceful again.

Thank you, Softman!

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional. Resemblance to anybody is purely coincidental (I am sure many people can relate to this story, but believe me, its all a figment of my imagination)


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  2. hmmm.. wondering whether m the softm@n or the SUAH :)

  3. @Vicious: Hmmm..thats for you to figure out :)

  4. 'SUAH'!! My bro's name's Ashu. HE has no friggin clue what new name I have in store for him!

    Btw, amusing, the conversation and the disclaimer: "I know many people will..." :D

    Someone said, "i wonder what's the antithesis for life: death or corporate life."

  5. Love what's going on in softman's head :)

    Will go places...LOL

  6. @MangoMan- Don't trouble your poor brother!

    @Purba- I think Softman types have more probability of movin up the ladder soon! :)

  7. "Hard" punch by "soft" man - he knows what it really means to be work smart ;)

  8. That day the so called 'SUAH' learned 2 things

    --People like his manager aka 'SOB'
    only expect answers they wish to hear and not what they really ask for

    --never try to convince his manager when the 'soft' guy was nearby

    still the one thing he doesn't understand was: why he was called an 'AH' like "Stuck Up is fine but why Ass Hole?"
    because he was an 'AH'??

  9. @Ananth- He's an ass hole because he's new and irritates the shit out of every1 and stuck up because, well he is!

  10. oopssss...I didn't xpct that ;)

  11. Soft-Man Ruulz ! The ultimate unsung superhero ... And unlike losers like spidey, batman etc.. he actually exists ! :)

  12. lol... I'm joining a software job later this year. I'm hoping to meet a few soft-men!

  13. @g2-u'll find so many...before u kno it, ull start screaming bloody murder!!!


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