Have a blast at the country's expense!

What will you do on a boring sunday? How will you spend it?
Lie on the bed?
Watch TV?
Go to the mall?
Watch some sada-hua half baked Bollywood "Love" story paying 300 bucks in a multiplex?

Aren't you just so tired of these things?
Do you want something more from life?


The Radia Tapes are here!!

Here is the preview:

Episode 1: Kahani Ambani Ambani ki

There is Drama:

"That can be possibility ki Mukesh ko apnaa… ek uskii wife bhi thoRaa dictate jyaadaa karti hai. Anil kii wife nahii kartii hai. "

Isn't it intriguing?  

There is Comedy

" Quotes Mukesh Ambani: ‘Haan yaar, you know Ranjan, you’re right, ab to Congress apni dukaan hai (now the Congress is our shop).’  "

Do you want to get a taste of it?

Hold your breath...Here it is,
just for you...

Kahaani Ambani Ambani Ki

Episode 2: Kyunki Raja bhi kabhi minister tha

Again there is drama:

"Kanni: Please don’t tell this to mom, she will mess it up and go and tell some rubbish.

Nira: No, no, no, no."

There is suspense:

"Radia: Kani, one feedback that’s coming back from Congress is that, that you’ve not even declared who your official negotiator is. Five, five people are negotiating at the same time. If your dad also appoints one person who is going to negotiate what everybody has done, then the problem gets solved."

Kyunki Raja Bhi Kabhi Minister tha

All the elements of a sure shot blockbuster!

Don't Miss it!

And above all,

Its completely free!!!!

So go grab yourself some popcorn and have a blast!


  1. This is an absolute shame and its a good read too !!


  2. Pretty good one ! Radia-gate is the most happenin 'movie' of the yr indeed !

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  4. ....and surely this post would rack up 172 crores at box office!

  5. well, i am still busy congratulating Kasab for finishing successful 2 years by being our guest. I can think of all other Radio folks later on :D

  6. excellent satire.
    well thought up.

  7. @Varsha- Thanks :)

    @S.R.Ayyangar- Lets hope!

    @Mohan- I am sure you'll get ample time

    @MangoMan= You'd better be, thats the effect i had intended :)

  8. liked your satire! nice way of presenting it!

  9. Good one! There are somethings that really make our country outstanding, and no one can beat us with scams and corruption. But we should admire the tricks the culprits use, daily news seems like a crime novel these days :) Thanks for sharing, wonderful work!


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