Its astonishing how so many people look so ordinary, you think you can spend some time with them without feeling like tying a rope around your neck and sinking into eternal emptiness. But its not so.Yes, its true.

I hope and pray to god that such kind of people are few and far in between, because it is just not fair. If you are still thinking, what kind of person is she ranting about?, I'll give you an example. I have seen 2 specimens of the above species in my office, they come in the morning at 6:00 AM and crack jokes about the hypothetical prodigy of Brian Lara and Lara Dutt being called Lara Lara, they don't stop there but continue to crack such gems for another hour and dare not interrupt them, because that will only lead to such unfunny insults which you start thinking about suicide again. And guess what, they expect people to laugh at their attempts, heights!

Anyway, My point is in this country of outdated customs like arranged marriages, I just can't help but think, along with worries about marrying a wife-beater, a cheat, etc i.e. someone from the dark side of the social spectrum, girls and boys should also beware of such ultra boring people. Imagine having to listen to PJs for the rest of your damn life!!!
And the worst part is, nodody will even pity you if you say my husband/wife is boring. "Oh is it? Get over it, I have a housing loan I have to repay, Get back to the real world" is the maximum response you'll get from them.
Maybe they are "good at heart" (An expression I heard in college from a filmi girl about her new boyfriend) Maybe, they are, but I'd rather die alone than with a person who thinks "Golmaal Returns" is funny!

But how the hell can you filter out such people from the crowd? Easy, next time somebody approaches you with a pick up line like "I forgot my phone number. Can I have yours?" and wait (Many not-so-boring people can also commit such blunders, give him/her a chance!), and after seeing your expressionless face which clearly shows disinterest, watch out for this, laughs like Santa Claus "HAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA", I'm warning you run far far far away from there. Run for your sweet normal life!!!


  1. Hahahaha....Jokers keep away, I'm allergic to P.J's.....

  2. Experience speaks? Eager to know the reactions or had you run away too far to observe them? :D

  3. Ah.. for a moment I thought you were referring to 'Grammar Nazis'.... well, life goes on after all this. Chill :)

  4. @Purba- Same here!

    @Zephyr- You are right,unfortunately I can' run away, I have to smile n bear it, though I try not to!

    @Mohan- I know, I know! :)

  5. hilarious,so enjoying the lara lara,
    I will not be obstinate to add one more to add to your woes.
    have to visit here more often.

  6. That Lara Lara joke was horrible. That too at six o clock morning..! :-)

  7. @Pramod- Do visit! :)

    @Harish- Tell me about it..

  8. Honestly, the joke might be lame but jokers are wonderful company..to lift your spirits that is.

  9. @Alka- You are not getting my point, I'm not talking about jokers..its about people who think they are jokers!


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