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I watched Dhobi Ghat today and I loved it.
There is no story, there is nothing extraordinary in the movie, but there is one thing that we have forgotten and that is peace. Its just so refreshing to watch a hindi movie that is so peaceful without any unwanted drama. In fact, there is one scene in which Shai, one of the female protagonists is surfing channels and a scene from a Saas Bahu soap is playing where the saas is admonishing her bahu for preparing the wrong breakfast. It is just a fleeting scene and yet it encaptures the irony brilliantly.
The movie just reminds us how bollywood has completely given up on reality. The general feeling is
 that it just doesn't work until and unless there is some gaudy drama peppered either with loud songs and dialogues, or soulless love stories. Even 'No one killed Jessica' which was based on a real life incident could have been more subdued. No one can argue with the fact that the director has tried to add some masala in the movie, be it with Rani spewing cuss words at the drop of a hat or throwing power packed dialogues.
Dhobi Ghat wakes us up to the fact that there is more to emotions than words, just an expression on the face can give a hundred different meanings. The love story between Arun and Yasmin in the movie shows how deeply a person can get involved with someone who he hasn't even met. Yasmin dies at the end, so does a part of Arun. The movie does not spoon feed us.Everything is not so damn obvious as it is in usual hindi movies. Life is not like that. Nothing is obvious.And the movie celebrates that.
I think its high time bollywood acknowledges the fact that people are smart enough to appreciate good cinema. I hope there are enough Dhobi ghats, udaans and peepli lives in the pipeline and less of Golmaals and Tees Maar Khans!
And one more thing, Prateik Babbar is 110% drool worthy! 


  1. Super :)
    hoping 2011 has better cinema to offer compared to 2010..

  2. Mixed reviews so far among my friend circle itself about this movie. Let me watch it :)

  3. @Sheela- u watched it?..I don't think u'll like it :)

    @Mohan- Ya I think each one's taste differs..

  4. ok, will watch this soon.. pending on my list...

  5. This was one of the most "proper" reviews for this movie. I've mentioned about it in my recent post too. Appreciating these kind of movies is difficult because "janta" doesn't understand a lot of things, and thinks that those subdued scenes were boring.

    I loved little little, subtle emotions portrayed. A city in which there is a person wearing a Doors T-Shirt, and in the same frame there is this person who doesn't have a clue about Jim Morrison.

    And my friend said, "isme kya tha!??"

  6. @Sushant- Good that you liked the movie :)

  7. Absolutely...run of the mill, masala flicks are a crashing bore. Please respect the audience's intelligence and give us movies like Kaminey, Peepli Live...

    Yet to watch Dhobi Ghaat though.

  8. @Purba- All kindsa movies ought to be there, i think..to challenge our intelligence and satisfy our foolishness :)

  9. first of all i must say i didnt like the movie, probably i m nt dat sophisticated bt den ur reviews portraz d other side of it, bt i just didnt like it, still its more like Dhobi ghat(iya) fr me

  10. @Vineet- Its not about being sophisticated..I just liked it..

  11. I was reading this and I thought, finally a review which doesn't mention how cute Prateik Babbar is and bam, the last line!

  12. @g2- i wouldnt hav watched tje movie if not for him...so there :P


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