Bryan Adams- A musical discovery

Okay, firstly you should have the overconfidence that "Yes, I'm a Bryan Adams fan, I know all his songs. I love him even if he's as old as my granduncle", then you should have 1500 bucks to spare and then randomly decide to throw it off. most importantly, you should be me.This is the recipe for a perfect evening to realise that you are a musical misfit.

I have always wanted to go to a concert, but since I never had that kinda money to throw on 2 hrs (yes, it was only for 2 hrs! ), I had never been to one. Obviously, like any other foolish first-timer, I was so excited. I told my friends, all sailing in the same boat, that we'll book a cab to drop us home at midnight (OMG!I am such a dreamer) Anyway, after an hourlong walk from the gate to the venue, where they promptly disposed our water bottles only to be selling them at black rates inside (India!). The lights went on, I could see minute moving figures on the stage one km away!! Thankfully, there was a lifesize screen next to us. Bryan walked in, hair combed like a school boy, we ooooooohed and aaaaaahed and tried out all the calls we learnt for 4 yrs in college.

Before the concert, My friend was apprehensive that she didn't know any of his songs, a show-off that I am, I laughed at her secretly thinking "Barreily se bhag ke aayi hai". Then with music in my heart and passion in my eyes, waited for him to sing. Yes, I'm a drama queen, student of Vipul, from Barriely whose philosophy in life is "Real life is inspired by movies and advertisements."

He started crooning. I forced an intensity into my eyes like the one I get when I'm constipated. I opened my mouth to sing along, but alas! I didn't know the song. Okay, I'll try the next one. Then to pass the time, We started dancing like robots (I mean, I can only do that for an english song). Anyway, by this time, the whole crowd which looked strangely similar to the one at shokhsabhas were getting irritated with the our extraordinary behavior (I have to do something, I paid 1500!!). One song over, second one started, I knew one line, Could I sing along?..No! Anyway, I tolerated it. The cycle continued till Summer of '69 started, the whole crowd went crazy. Then, at this moment I realised, this is it. This is the reason everybody's here! 90% of them were like me!
I was not alone! At least, I'm not as lame as the ones like me who took 8000 bucks tickets to sing one song!


  1. I knew it!! You should have asked me..

  2. Can you believe it, his Delhi concert got cancelled? And this is the second time in a row.Think they will shift it Gurgaon now. Bryan is coming home to sing for me ---everything I do, I do it for you.

    And nice hilarious account :D

  3. Hi,
    you have a nice blog out here. Thanks for dropping by. I am following your blog now. Keep blogging cheers

  4. @Sheela- What should I have asked u for?

    @Purba-Ya i heard!..Watch it on youtube in full volume :)..n ya that was the song he started with in Bang..

    @Md- Thank you..pls visit again!

  5. And i missed him this time in bangalore, though last time he visited I had a duet with him :P ok i mean lip synced

    And hey, I paid only 300 back then but still it was a big amount for me that time :D

    Your account gave me a big grin that will last (18) till I die :P

  6. keere!!!!teri to... pehli baat its 'Bareilly'...n doosri.. i told 'Movies are inspired by real lives' and not the vice-versa.:P.. waise nice blog..

  7. @vipul-tu guilty kyu ho rahi hai?..mein teri baare main thodi baat kar raji

  8. ohhh really... is it!u r nt talkin abt me....hmmmm..

  9. I have to do something, I paid 1500!!

    I too know one and only summer of '69 Amazingly written dear!!
    Wonderful sense of humor :P


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