Pattu, Pittu, Patreek etc

Who is Prateek?

First time I met him, it was at our "training" facility. We were put there to learn some mumbo-jumbo type software called cognos. I was having coffee in the cafeteria. It was sometime, maybe during the second week of the course. I was fairly acquainted with most of the people in my batch, but not Prateek. He was standing on the other side of the coffee table. He asked me if I were a localite. He was faltering and seemed a little uncomfortable around girls. Clearly, he was incapable of making small talk. I just nodded, didn't try much to make conversation and then walked away. .

The course went on and he was invisible throughout. Then came the day, we graduated. We had to party. We decided to have a lavish buffet at Indijoes. Here comes Prateek, proclaims its his birthday and offers to pay the bill for an entire 20 people or so. I thought, "Who is this fool?..Anyway, I'll have to pay less". I made the hotel play the Happy Birthday song for him, that's the least we could do.

Then came the postings. four of us from our batch got into a project. We were trying to get some more of our friends into it, but alas at the end, my best friend at that time got posted somewhere else at the last moment and in walks Prateek to replace her. I cursed him so much!,

As the days passed, he used to hang around with us, but we never used to give him much importance because he used to talk less or that's what we thought. I don't know the exact moment when he started talking, because after that he has never stopped.

Why am I writing about him?

Dearest Pattu, this is for you

You are the only one I know
who can crack jokes, without anybody getting to know it was a joke,
who can blatantly insult people and they will not get offended,
Who introduced me to osho (thank you for that),
Who has more questions than a tenth board paper,
who uses google most informatively,
who never ever backbites (I know you are going to check this word on google :) ),
who can call me driver,
who supports the Indian government so ardently,
who can debate on both sides of an argument equally passionately,
who has never ever boasted till date,
who never thinks twice before gifting his close ones,
who can be the biggest spoilsport of a gossiping session,
who is the largest stakeholder of the eggless cake industry (I admire your staunchness),
who is the biggest benefactor of IPC section 377 (hahaha),
who doesn't mind being made fun of, no matter how much,
who left a safe career to do what his heart says,
who says "Divya kaun hai?" and answers "Woh ladki jo shorts pehni hui thi, jiska naam aparna hai" (I mean, WTF!),
who was the main protagonist of that stupid April fool's day prank that Vipul and Hina pulled on me (Idiot),
who starts writing queries above and below the code if its bugging him too much(hehe),
who has given a gift to my bike (along with a letter, it is too much pattu)
who loved the RSAs (that is the limit)
who can forget classmates names after a summer vacation,
who wants to have an english name (Patreek, I believe)
who is never scared of admitting that he doesn't know something,
who is the biggest promoter of Discovery and National Geographic Channel in India
who looks forward to travelling alone on a 36 hr train journey

You are the most genuine person I know..

Enough, I've said too much (Kameena, zyaada khush mat ho)

What do I want to say to him?

Pattu, I've learnt a lot from you. The way you think is just too extreme. I wish one day I can think like you. I'm glad I met you.

Okay one last Pattu joke:

Arrey yaar kaise dost ho tum log, Dilli mein mere itne dost hai.. mein raat ko teen baje bhi call karun na to....

mana kar dete!.. (hahahahahha)

Pattu, You are the best!

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna..



  1. So much love for Prateek!! Dedicate one post for me also...

  2. Where is Pattu's comment or is he too beset with joy?

    And you drive a bike? *impressed*

  3. @Sheela- I'll write a post 'bout you..but not now only..after a while

    @Purba- :) :)..Pattu is in Rajdhani express on his way back to delhi and his snooty comment is here:

    @Vipul- Yeah he is!

  4. well, this is good......appreciating ppl around you....

  5. I just can't figure out the tone here. Does that make me a pattu too? ;)


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