Why do they do it?

I just finished reading a book about Osama's life story as told by his son and wife and it just changed my perspective completely.

You and I, we sit here, watch news on TV, read the papers, see the whole terrorism shit happening across the world and think, how can anyone do this?, Are they crazy? What the hell is wrong with them?, more or less, similar kinds of expressions on a trillion people's minds, but take a step back and think, why would so many terrorists do it with so much passion, what is it that drives them?. Because surely there must be something that causes these adolescents to give up their lives so easily. What is it?

You and I, we don't do things like that. When was the last time you put your whole and soul into something, need not necessarily be horrid things like blowing up people? When was the last time you gave any task your all? Human beings do things with utmost passion, only when something is at stake.

In case of these terrorists, they are brainwashed to think that they have no other option. They are made to think that they are right in doing whatever that is, that they are doing. They think they are in a war and who is telling them any better. Think of an average person's life in Afghanistan, he's born in a family of say 20 people, they have no clothes, no food, you can say that they have nothing. Now, some guy, we'll call him a Terror-recruiter/ whatever, he comes and tells his family that this kid will be provided all basic needs and they'll educate him, obviously any parent in that scenario would jump at it thinking that this guy is god. The kid goes in with the same impression, he is given education in some madrasa, the kid thinks he's going to Harvard. From where does he get information, from the same guy, from where does he get food, from the very same guy. Its obvious who he is going to trust.

We sit here and think that America liberated Iraq from the clutches of Saddam, did it? Americans cried for all the martyrs of Iraqi war, its justified isn't it? They are war heroes. We knew better,we knew that the whole Iraqi war was a farce, Did it stop the enlightened world from waging a war against Iraq? Didn't innocents die in that war?

These youth from the underdeveloped countries don't know anything. They think they are in a state of constant war. They think if they do not protect themselves they will die. Everybody asks why is Ajmal Kasab still alive? What will we get if he dies? He becomes another war hero for them. they'll celebrate his martyrdom. They will get inspired further by his death. Do we want that?

Killing people is not the solution, it is the problem.


  1. History is written by the victor. But in reality we have no heroes, no villains - it's just a matter of perception.

    A well worded write-up.

  2. hmmm intrigued by ur post to wanna read that book. thoughtful post

  3. @Purba- Thank u :)

    @Sujatha- you should definitely read it..

  4. Most wars have unsung heroes, martyrs and orphans...hope we have seen the last of it. No more wars.
    Will read the book.


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