Bol - A movie that asked me to speak up


Today I watched Bol, a movie which has been praised over and over again, by the so called "critics". It is a movie with a social message so maybe these maniacs are going over board with their accolades. Before I tell my opinion about this movie, I just wanna think aloud. What is a movie's fundamental duty, whether it is a no-brainer or an offbeat one?

It has to keep the audience awake. Yes that's right!

So what if the movie is packed with so great a message that it can blow your mind out, for that to happen, you should be remotely interested in what the characters are ambling about.

I may be village bumpkin where international cinema is concerned, but I have seen a few foreign films on that channel World movies and even though most of the times I couldn't understand a word they were saying, the movies were so engaging. Whereas today,the familiarity of language didn't save me from the mind numbing boredom.

The central theme of the movie's simple. If killing someone is a crime, so is giving birth to someone who you cannot take care of. Okay, we get it. There are two ways to say it. Either say it subtly and make the viewer think about it long after the movie is over, or poison him in such high quantities that it gives him nightmares when he even tries to think of it the next time. The director sadly chooses the latter option, it feels as if he is deliberately punishing us with the same boredom that encapsulates the jobless daughters in the movie.

I read rave reviews about the Pakistani actress Hummaima malik's acting, but I prefer to call it over-acting. Watching her in the scene where she is dragged by the jailers, it felt like Meena Kumari has had a posthumous comeback. I just wanna tell Hummaima, "Woman! it is 2011, not 1950! Even Rakhi Sawant emotes better than you",  and as for Atif, its best if he stuck to his singing career, before that also goes kaput.

Movies like these are supposed to move you emotionally, not out of the theatre. Anyway, if Bollywood churns social-msg laden gems like Aarakshan etc, what can one expect from lollywood?

The movie's first dialogue's delivered by the stone faced Atif where he says bad things happen because we don't speak up.

So here I'm speaking up.

Stop making dabba boring movies in the name of activism. We are wasting our money here!


  1. LOL..such a harsh review :)
    I would be curious to know about your views on the movies..on the lines of Dabangg, Ready, Singham, Bodygaurd et al :)

    All these are super hits and but I could only watch about 15 mins of these...before saying..its enough...I gotta go...

    Entertainers are ok..but too much mindless entertainers...have just put me off..i guess!


  2. @Kunal- They are another post altogether..:D..I'm not against such serious movies either, this movie sucked, thats all..

  3. A quirky review. I love your straightforwardness :) and thanks for saving me big bucks!

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Thanks for the warning...I am thinking about Mere brother ki....but will go only after I read the reviews.

  5. that bad huh?..I read the reviews and thought it'd be half-decent...and then again they were praising Humaima Mallik and I just didn't buy that she was THAT great an actor :p

  6. havnt seen it...
    although I liked the previous film by the director...

    But I do mind the comment about Meena Kumari, one of the best actresses ever...

  7. I had read only good things about the movie. I think that most persons appreciate that someone in Pakistan has courage to go against what more orthodox persons are saying, and it is not about cinematic quality of the work.

    However comparing some actress to the legendary Meena Kumari, that is blasphemy!

  8. Lol! Great review :) Crisp review and conveys the message right away. You actually saved me, so many thanks for that.

  9. nice review
    have not seen movie and no plans to see this movie

  10. @Kiran- Thank you!

    @Alka- Whose review can we believe anyway :)

    @Priya- It is bad

    @Jitaditya and Sunil- I have absolutely nothing against Meena Kumari, I meant that her expressions are outdated

    @Harsha and Sm- Thank you..Thanks for visiting my blog!


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