How the bald soprano blew my mind


The first play I went to watch. The bold soprano. Its an absurd play. How absurd can absurd get?.I laugh at the jokes for the first five minutes. Then it begins to unravel, or wait, does it? I don't quite understand. There is an english couple. There is a maid dressed as a fairy. There is another couple. There is a fireman. What is happening? I'm not sure. They exchange stories which do not make sense. At the end when I'm about to pull my hair out, they start to babble. They talk shit, literally. The hall is filled with relatives and friends of the actors, how else can one explain the unflinching patience? It finally ends. I secretly wish that everyone is as clueless as I'm. Turns out I'm right. Maybe, we are not pseudo-intellectual enough to appreciate it.

Sanity prevails.


  1. i do not even know about the play :(
    big fool that i am :|

  2. @Chintan- I didn't know about it either..n believe me, we r not fools :)

  3. I've never heard of such play before. Glad I won't be missing it too much ;)


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