Don 2 and the resulting rant

I watched Don 2. And I say, it is a dabba movie.

Whenever I watch a movie and come, nobody asks me how it is, they just assume that I'd hate it anyway, I would like to tell all those jerks, "Yes, you are right!"
I will not like any movie in which Shahrukh Khan is wearing a fake rastafari-type hairdo and jumping out of buildings thinking, "Ohh Tom Cruise is jumping from Burj Dubai, lemme also jump from some building even though it is as unnecassary as my over-acting!"

I will not like any movie in which Salman Khan is called "Lovely Singh" and is kicking ten people in one go like a drunken monkey and I will also not like the fact that the same movie is hammed into a hundred languages, who knows maybe even in assamese!

I will not like any movie in which Aamir Khan copies a script from an adolescent book, not even give the author some credit and changes it in such a way that he becomes god, Wow! Aamir you are a genius! but no thanks!

I will not like any movie in which Ajay Devgan gangs up with any jobless actor available at that time and craps around thinking that he's funny. I'm sorry Ajay, stick to kicking people in the nuts, oh wait! Don't do that, its almost doubly unbearable!

I will not like any movie in which an in-the-waiting-corpse is made up so damn much that its cost eats up almost half the movie budget and made to strut around with another moronic giggling barbie, and I don't care how famous the corpse or the barbie is!

In short, I will not like any movie in which we are asked to "leave our brains behind and enjoy".
Listen Bollywood people! We cannot leave our brains behind. If you've tricked almost a billion people to do it and you think its working, it is only because they are frustrated and movies are the cheapest way to have a good time, so stop misusing their innocence and churning out crap every single weekend.

All I'm asking for is a sensible script, in which Aamir Khan is not allowed to manipulate.

And all those people who loved Don 2, please contact me if you have any problem with this post, I'll point out what pissed me off in every scene of the movie.

No offence to any of the actors mentioned above..
who am I kidding? Go ahead, take offense :D


  1. The best review I read for DON 2 had this title - Don 2 ko dekhna mushkil hi nahi…. na moomkin hain. :D :D

    My contact form is working just fine. I checked it. :D :D I got myself a new custom domain and I am undergoing the process of migration from my old URL to the new URL so things might have been a little glitchy :D. Do feel free to leave a msg. :)

  2. Completely agee....

  3. Nice one. I hope some Bollywood agent read it... :)

  4. you know, i am such a tubelight. i realized it only today that your blog name anatreek is actually your name in reverse - keerthana. i used to always wonder ana ok why 'treek'?

    about the post: hell yeah! Don 2 SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED

  5. @Narcissist- send me the link for that review..I think there was some problem in my office..I was using some proxy and surfing the web :)

    @Ajay Agarwal- :)

    @Zil Shah- hope they do!

    @Sujatha- Tube light, yes :) and Don 2 sucked, yes big time!

  6. awesome :D. was planning to watch don 2, thanx for the alert. supercool blog, ll go through the rest in sometime.

  7. @Factsandnonsense- Not as supercool as urs..!

  8. totally agree with this...felt so disappointed with this movie... I actually started dozing off in the post- interval moments before they go to the bank... just so much drivel... and you know nothing can happen to him so who cares... I guess as u said, its a syndrome that affects all our Bollywood stars

  9. wohaa..thats a review on the face which many bigwig critics would have loved to write !! Unfortunately Cinema is only about mindless entertainment in India. Not many can dare to create mindful entertainment !!

  10. @Nitin- Yes, unfortunately very true!

  11. @Chintan, Ashwini and all thoes whose comments I deleted like a fool, by mistake- I'm so dumb!..sorry! :(

  12. I absolutely hate the fact that there is nothing Bollywood about this movie. And why I say that is cz I am a big fan of Bollywood, but lately every movie I have seen has disappointed me.
    I am not in India and the reason I watch Bollywood is to feel more Indian. But hey, guess what, nowadays there is nothing Indian about Indian movies. Just a bunch of wanna-be's trying too hard to be cool, copying the west. Even the locations are all foreign.
    I am really waiting for a light Bollywood movie, shot in India, with people who aren't trying to be someone else. Phew!

  13. @Sowmyatta- They should try and take a break from aping hollywood..


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