My Quarter Life Crisis

I am really really pissed with the way this stupid world works. There was a time when it was at my feet, my wish was its command and it fuckin made me over confident. I thought I'll get any bloody thing that I want, no matter whether I deserve it or not, but these days it is just not happening! My career is in the drain, It doesn't seem like I have much of a life, I am not doing what I want to do, I don't know what I want to do. I'm completely, totally, royally messed up.

Will I always be like this?
What will happen of me?
Will I ever do whatever that is I wanna do?

All these questions and more, they haunt me every single day. These days I ignore them, I have thought enough about it, but what is the use? Life is supposed to be about self discovery, but it's taking a lot of time an driving me nuts!

I think I want to write, but I just can't start, I think I love to travel but sometimes its hard to take my ass off my couch, I think I love to code, Do I? I'm not sure.

I'm shit scared of commitment, whether it is to my job or anything else. I'm wired that way.
One day I want to write a book, one day I want to make a movie, one day I want to sit and code code code, one day I want to start a travel agency, one day a hotel and next day, I wanna be a social activist!

I just have to grow up, Isn't it too soon?

I'm drifting. Going with the wind, Should I just float and wait for the small things to make me happy or Should I figure out a way to be happy no matter what?

It is confusing.

I'm down here scraping the bottom. Yell, Shout out to me!

Tell me that the only way left is up. I have to climb up.

Is it? I hope so.

Is it just me or is there someone else like me?


  1. Sigh! Welcome to my world.

    You know Ana, there is a very bad energy flowing all over blogosphere. Something negative, not happy stuff to read and I feel that saddens us least it has affected me royally today.

    Now, when I read your post, it reflects my state of mind. This is one reason, I am so disturbed too. I wanted to blog, but I didn't owing to the obligatory reader returns which eventually annoyed me further....

    Take it a little easy girl...The fast life can get to us...I feel so...

    I too feel, I should wear my shoes and run! I don't. I am stopping myself...

    I do not want to sound odd, but if it is PMS, let it be...if it isn't do check for signs of depression :'(

    I hope I do not sound too bad...

    And after reading my own comment, I feel, I should take it easy too!

    Hugs and much love <3

  2. Hahhaha..... Deja Vu

    And here I was thinking that I am the only one who uses this Word of "Quarter Life Crisis" .

    I have been using it myself to describe my the present scenario to anyone who asks.

    Had written something about my situation here: Searching for Passion
    and here:
    Data Never Lies

    Be Brave and know that you are not alone in your Quarter Life Crisis, there are many more who are suffering the same fate :)


  3. You are absolutely not alone. :)

    Or, should I say, we are in majority. :)

    At least, you are asking yourself questions, which means you are willing to change the current situation..There are many..who just go with the flow...without asking anything...(not that there is anything wrong with it)..

    I read somewhere...that if you have to know..what is the purpose of your life, take a sheet of paper...and start writing all the things you want to by one...and keep writing..keep writing...

    One moment will come..when you will cry..after writing one thing....and that will be the purpose of your life. It claimed, that this method is full proof...

    May be..I will find the link and give it to you.. :)

    P.S - I have not tried it. :D

    Good Luck :)

  4. @Chintan- I guess everyone of us has these questions, I just wanted to vent it out that day..N btw It was PMS :)..I dont think these feelings will go away, but sometimes its a good thing, to sit up and take notice..thats what I feel..

    @Kunal- That is a good ides but I'm sure it will bring out the inner demons and make me go crazy for a while..I will try it sometime..Thank you so much!

  5. i shouldn't be posting a comment here coz i m not qualified enough to do that. but still doing it just to let u know that i read ur post :D. and guess what? i liked it :D :D :D.

  6. @factsandnonsense- Thanks for reading my nonsense..and thanks again for linking it :)


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