Desi Boyz- The Aftermath

Desi boyz is a perfect reflection of everything that is wrong with Bollywood.

Here's why:
Apparently, some Bollywood personalities are offended with the name, "Bollywood", they feel they are too original to be mimicking the west, but the same people have absolutely no qualms about lifting scenes from youtube videos. No, we don't copy other movies, we're far more technologically advanced, now we'll copy some funny video online, there'll be lesser copyright issues also to harangue us, they seem to think. I'm saying this because, there is a scene in this movie where Akshay Kumar pretends to be bashed up by a company manager during his job interview, and threatens the guy to hire him. I have two problems here,
Number one: The scene is completely copied!
Number two:  This episode happens in England, correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever happened to all the CCTVs, conveniently forgotten, I suppose. Anyway, we could have appreciated the humor at least, if it were original.

The movie starts with Akshay Kumar chasing a boy skating around in a mall in a segway, somehow it reminded me of the movie "Mall Cop", Can't we atleast think higher when we are copying, C'mon Bollywood, you can do better?

Okay, let me get over the obvious soft plagiarism, and focus on the movie. A predictable story with nothing new to offer, two desperate men at the heights of recession try to give their wild sides a swing, to earn money. John, to keep his golddigging girlfriend played by a couldn't-care-less-if-the-movie-flops-I've-got-the-Mallyas Deepika from ditching him and Akshay, to retain the custody of a conveniently orphaned nephew. Seeing the mess Akshay's in, one wonders why the kid is not left with his grandmom in India, anyway they ask us to leave our brains at home while watching "light entertainers", so be it, lets not prod.

Things turn sour, blah-blah-blah, before you know it, you're wondering how can two hours seem so long, this guy, the director has taken time to a new level. The movie is short, but unpardonable.

The only thing that works in the movie is John and Akshay's chemistry. The scenes in which they mind-talk to each other are good. As for Deepika and Chitrangadha, the less said the better. The surprise element is Omi Vaidya, who seems to have been added as an afterthought, and plays a role that is suspiciously similar to the one played by that Timetable guy in Dil Chahta hai. Anyway, he is funny.

Go watch the movie, if you're completely bored, but I'm warning you, its better to stare at the ceiling for 2 hrs than suffer this torture.

PS: I'm leaving Sanjay Dutt's cameo out of the review because lets face it, the guy, at age 50 or whereabouts, unabashedly calls himself the best lover in town, so I guess he's way beyond my criticisms. All the best finding chicks, dude!


  1. Sigh! Hindi Movie Industry is really going down....I loved rockstar but it was hated by the metal and rock the dirty picture and don2 are in line...I hope farhan does justice!

    As far as desi boyz is concerned, I have no hopes from the likes of Akshay, John and SRK for that matter. sanjay dutt is happily enjoying his new wife and twins...he cares two hoots about movies now!

  2. ha ha! splendid review.. not sure about the movie.. but your review did bring some smiles!
    good one!

  3. @Chintan- Everybody is awaiting Don2..god knows why..N I saw promos of a movie completely lifted from Italian Job..god save us!

    @Krishnapriya- Thank visit again :)

  4. The problem with bollywood is that thrash directors and star kids have annexed the place...true talent is now extinct and today, the place is just a last refuge for a lot of insecure wannabes...

  5. aah! akshay is tiring.

    ""couldn't-care-less-if-the-movie-flops-I've-got-the-Mallyas Deepika"" -- perrrrfectt :D

    i kinda like chitraganda but guess this isnt the movie to go see her in

  6. i too happened to watch desi boys :p seems all of akshay kumar's movie are london based. so all looks almost same.

  7. @Joshi- It doesnt matter where the movies are based, its all crap!


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