An appeal to my gym aunties

Question: How many people think that skinny girls are not supposed to go to the gym?

Answer: All the aunties and one fat uncle in my gym who gawk at me as if I am some BBMP bulldozer that has encroached upon their space.

Please aunties understand that skinny girls have bigger problems. How else do you think they stay skinny? They are expected to be that way. Every asshole they meet says, "Wow! You are so slim (meaning anorexically thin), You dont need to do any exercise." I implore you all AHs, please come and say that to my ever-expanding butt to maintain some austerity. I begged it and it did not heed, so now I need to go to the gym. So aunties, back off!

I know how you may feel that, "Oh my god! Is she crazy? Why does she come here? To show off?" Aunties, Why are you so negative? I tell you fear not! Think of me as the before/after ads that appear on every weight loss program that VLCC and its counterparts come up with, take inspiration from me! But please don't harass me!

Now go back to working out, you have a long way to go.


  1. Am with you on this!! Fat aunties can be disgusting >:< More than that it was my fat friend who would question my regular visits to gym, so much so that she said, "you got to stop or you will burn out"!

  2. your indivine description was catchy

    quite an appeal to this new, special category of"aunties"
    hope they heed but cant bet on it :))

    tempted to print this one out & paste it on some gym walls! good one

  3. hahahahahahahahaha really impressive appeal !
    hope your aunties have the opportunity to read this !

  4. my comment? what happened?not showing? wotsinaname!!

  5. @Varshe- Hehe..

    @Chintan- Ya i know, Im fed up!

    @Sujatha- Your comment is showing.. Lol..Seriously, I'll take it and paste it :)

    @Ajay- I wouldn't bet on it, but I hope so too!

  6. i feel so sorry for u.. and i am so angry on those aunties.. cant blame though.. this is india my dear... so ur life is not ur own.. :P u gotta share it with our fellow citizens too.. they will have opinions... but keep up ur attitude :) and there's nothing to worry abt :)

    Take care and keep writing...........

  7. @Thousif- Thanks for visiting my not so worried about them, i find it funny, sometimes :)

  8. ROFL... that is awesummm... wow...

  9. gosh Ana...these aunties deserve better...more sarcasm i think :D superb piece :)))

  10. I am not an aaunty and probably ur age but still I feel tht u r encroaching upon my territory :P
    Ok on a serious note...some people come to gym to gain weight :/ I consider the skinny ones to b in tht category...
    Happy Workout!


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