An open proposal

Dear Adriano

Ever since you walked into the masterchef kitchen with the cutest, sweetest grin I've ever seen and so wickedly asked the contestants to bake a macaroon tower, I have been in love with you. Your eleven layered vanilla cake is something that appears in every alternate wet dream of mine. It is because of you that I spent 3 euro on an unknown 3 cm cupcake-like thing called macaroon in Paris and loved every bite of it.

How you bake such wonderful desserts and yet remain so hot is beyond me. The hair maybe a sensitive issue, but I don't care!

I know you must be sought after, but here's the deal. My parents want me to get married and being an Indian and not being able to start/sustain a healthy relationship with anyone of the opposite gender, I have to grudgingly agree for an arranged marriage. I have always dreamt of marrying a cook, if not a chef, and to marry a pattisier, it will the "fruit of my good deeds which I have done from my past seven lives" (In case you have trouble understanding this sentence, please type "saat janmon ka punya" in google translate). I don't know if you are married or not, anyway marriages are a sham everywhere so break it off, it doesn't matter.

I want you to wake me up everyday with a chocolate fondant for breakfast, a blue berry pie for lunch and finish off with a lemon meringue gateaux in the night. Let me tell you that I'm very open minded, you can change the menu as and when you please, but please please marry me.

You know, I'm a software engineer working in Bangalore, only very highly talented and extremely skilled people get to do that.

Please Zumbo, if you ever come across this post, then think about it. If not marriage, a culinary fling will do. If not that, a free treat in your cafe will suffice, why I'll be glad to pay for it too! or send me an autographed copy of your book, Yes! I'm shameless, shamelessly in love!

Bye Bye now,
Think about it!

PS: Today I think I'll dream about the chocolate mousse cake :P


  1. And that was a delicious love letter.
    A vanilla cake and a wet dream!!! LOL.

  2. Ayyio now i want to marry this man too...:-D:-D

  3. a culinary fling?!! haha thats a new and good one i must say
    you are so smitten by him

  4. :D Will share it in my circle...lots hope you get a masterchef soon...:) all the best...

  5. @Rachna- Thanks!

    @LeoPaw- Haha :D

    @Chintan- Who wouldn't?

    @Sujatha- I am, I am :)

    @India's no1 blog- Thanks! :)

  6. Ahha...another Masterchef Australia fan!

  7. @Magic eye- Hope it reaches him :)

    @Purba- Yes yes :)

  8. Same pinch! dear.. I am a great fan too! I just finished watching the "Gingerbread House" challenge for the third time.. just to see his wicked grin, when those girls battled their life's out..! U have competition!

  9. @Krishnapriya- Isn't he cute :P

    @Archana -:)


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