Of Yeddy, Hosey and Work life Balance


How many days does a normal year have?

365 days right? So a leap year has one day more, 366 days. Is it my fault that one extra day is there in this year? No right?, So why should I be punished with one extra day's work? Ask yourself this question. I think we should all write an appeal to our Govt asking for Feb 29th off every leap year, what do you think? Its logical right? Think about it, if you are sane enough to understand my argument, write to me, Lets do something about it.

My days are pretty boring. I have absolutely nothing to write about. Unexciting, uninspiring, super boring days I'm having. I'm sure you must be in the same boat too; else why else would you read this nonsensical blabbing of mine?

Anyway, I now have work, work in double quotes. Yes, I just wrote double quotes instead of putting the word in double quotes, will you sue me for it? Do it. I need some publicity. Yeddy does crazy stuff for publicity, why shouldn't I? Latest is, He's feeding blind kids with a knife. See the picture on the right. Ask him why? He says its because he was a super samurai in his previous life and he used to fight with swords, but in this life, he's a politician so he's to remain austere. That’s why being a genius that he is, he eats and feeds others with knives. Who knows, someday he may end up being a rodeo clown who swallows knives. Good career choice, I'd say.

Speaking of Rodeo clowns, I want to know if that MTV Veejay Jose, who calls himself Hosey, has apparently been kidnapped. I'm too lazy and disinterested to find out if it’s true or if it’s some publicity strategy of MTV. Why doesn't someone kidnap that dabba fellow Raghu instead and bash him up nicely. Somebody should put that Raghu through a Roadies type audition and ask him who the CM of Karnataka is. I'm sure he'll not know the answer, I mean it’s a tricky question right, I think even the CM, whoever he is, is scared of proclaiming his position, its akin to gone in sixty seconds. And when he, i.e Raghu fails to answer, which he will, kick his ass. Too much drama he does.Btw, I watched a spoof of Roadies on youtube. Too good guys!

I'm writing this in office. I have nothing to do, I mean I have work *in double quotes*, but you understand what I'm saying right? I have work, but still I have enough time to take four tea breaks, even though I never ever drink tea, one lunch break and one walk break. These breaks make up three fourths of my day. Stressful, I tell you.

Some enlightened people ask me to "ask for more work". Thank you for the advice. Maybe, I'll even ask if I can organise sessions on team building and work-life balance.

Work life balance. Hmmm..Funny phrase, isn't it? Does that mean when we are "working" we are not "living"? 

So according to me, here's how Work Life Balance is worked out,

Number of ungodly hours you are putting at work =Not living = Dying
and the remaining measly hours you are living=sleeping.

 So the conclusion is we are dying when we are working and living when we are sleeping. Amazing hypothesis, isn't it?

I call it "The Corporate Catch 22 Theorem".

Next time someone asks you what are you doing online at godforsaken hours, say, "I'm dying with work", but wait, you already do that, don't you?

Today I feel like a proud engineer. After four years of deriving theorems and constants, I have come up with my own hypothesis. Anyone who has a problem with my hypothesis, suck on it. I didn't come up with the phrase, your Manager or his manager or his jobless Manager did. Go and have a discussion with him.

I wrote this is office and I’m posting it from home. I’m damn sleepy. I think I need to “live” a little now.
Here’s to life!


  1. How can you write such a funny post when you are dying at office :D :D lol...
    Enjoyed your STRUGGLE :D

    and coming to leap year problem :D
    365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds per year is the reason for that leap year...
    This is why i hate MATH :(

    1. @Deepak...actually its 365days, 5hrs, 48min and 12 sec...and this is the reason y every 4th and 400th year is leap year, but every 100th year is not a leap year...lolzz... :P

  2. hahaha...nice one... :P
    BTW I'm in for that 29th Feb "off"... :P

  3. Yeddy was so famous while he was the CM. Whoever has replaced him doesn't seem to be a fan of being in the limelight. Why is this guy not fighting with the governor? I blame you for this absolute lack of entertainment :o

  4. Haha...enjoyed it. :D
    Its good the way you connect you mix different things into one post..an extra day in the year, politics, MTV and office.. :)

  5. @Deepak and Cynosure- I don't care about the math..I need a holiday thats all :D

    @Destination Infinity- Why are you blaming me? :(

    @Vinay- Thanks man :)

  6. Hehehehe :P.
    You do crazy things when you are dying gal :P :D.
    Awesome b-) :D :P.

    I want 29th Feb Off tooo :D. No School or Colleges please :| :P. We all want to go and watch movies :D :D ;) :P.

    BTW I love your theorem :D :D.
    I'll get you a nobel prize for it ;) :D.

  7. Totally in double quotes, (sorry stealing your idea) with you on the 29 shud be a day off so we can live for longer....

    For a Change I understood your theoram or hypotheses blimey just cuming to this blog is making me intelligent ...

    Soooooper read on early sat morning I think I will also live a bit more so zzzzzzzz

    No idea about the people you have written about..

  8. Killing boredom at office :p All your dying hours at work brought out a creative genius in you. After all, you came up with a great hypothesis and an entertaining write up! :D Count me in, we'll fight for an off on 29th :)

  9. @Poo- I want that Nobel Prize :D

    @Bikramjit- Happy living!

    @Harsha- Lets fight :D

  10. Oh Raghu did once get his face black painted :P
    And tht video is LOL-arious isnt it!
    Like it or not, it seems that office does perk up your funny side a bit :D

  11. Do give me a buzz when you set out to kick Raghu's hind, will specially put on my snow boots and give you company. The fellow nauseates me.

    If someone says you don't do any work at office - cheek slap them. You slave on and on to gift the world with 'The Corporate Catch 22 Theorem' and this is what they tell you in return. Unacceptable, simple unacceptable.

    Cheers :)

  12. hey thanks for showing roadies video.. super.

  13. lol! loved this post... wonder why I didn't find you earlier. You sure cracked me up...so crisp and funny:)))

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. your newest follower and aregular visitor now.

  14. wow that was a superb read . . loved the satire . . shh secret . . i used to be die hard fan of roadies some 3 years back . . but when the show started getting too tacky i abandoned it . . i suppose the number of viewers of the show have gone really down over the years . . time they brought the show to a decent end . . nice read anyway :)

  15. @Redhanded- Did he?..Oh when??

    @AS- Yes yes, wear your snow boots and I'll wear those spiked rugby shoes :D

    @Raja- Wow! one big post and you appreciate the video :D

    1. haha.. I like your blog. That's it. Coming to this post, screenplay is very good. You have connected the dots well. Funny as usual.

  16. @Kajal- Thank you, and welcome to my blog!

    @Maliny- I was also a big fan of Roadies before..but now, that Raghu and his over acting..just pisses me off!

  17. i can understand your situation, indian mnc's i tell you

  18. hehehe.soo funny...loved it

  19. Yeddy seems to have gone crazy.

    And yes, you have right, Raghu will fail in the auditions. He wouldn't be able to name the CMs - be it for Karnataka or of all states in India.

  20. LOL! As usual another of your humorous posts!! I was laughing all my way till the very end!! :D

    Our people should come up with innovative ideas like you..having 29th feb off..wow.. why is our system so snobbish? ha! :P

  21. @Maniac Hunter- Not in an Indian MNC, but similar situation :)

    @Seema- Thanks, welcome to my blog!

    @Vyankatesh- Yes, you are right on both counts!

    @Jen- I don't know..come lets find out

  22. http://i43.tinypic.com/ipo38l.jpg Check this :D :)
    Its for you ;) :D.
    BTW I was kidding ;) I know you are not bad :).
    You are extremely nice :D


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