My Darling Rapist


My dad told me which college I should go to,
My brother told me which guy I should speak to,
My husband told me which friends I should make,
and Now, you, My Dear Rapist, you tell me what I should wear and what I should not,
Wow! What a wonderful life!

Well, Mr.Rapist,
Please tell me what else I should do,
Do you like me slim or do you like me to be a big ass babe?
Oh my darling rapist,
Do you like me to be fair and lovely,
or dark and devastating?
Dear Dear rapist!,
Tell me whether you like me in a Bipasha-esque dress, or
a Vidya Balan-ish saree,
Rapist, Oh! Rapist,
I'll do what you say,
'Cos according to your bloody buddy in the police department,
"Your wish is my command!"

PS: Balls to you, Dinesh Reddy and all the people supporting you!


  1. i personally feel its stupid to ask women to dress properly because its the MEN who rape and not the women. its ridiculous. wish i could say i understand

  2. OK! I need to read that link as well, people were not very happy on twitter too....Hmm!

  3. @maniac hunter- It is stupid!!..thats the whole point!

    @Chintan- Oh read it..u'll have something to tell about it, I'm sure:)

  4. Totally stupid on blaming women for it. We should change our thoughts, and to change it, I believe it should come from our parents/grandparents. You can't blame teens for everything, the way orthodox people handle Sex, is making it a topic not to talk about.


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